26 Photos of Drake Only Living Once in Honor of His 26th Birthday

Drake Birthday
Posted on 10/24/2012 at 1:10 PM

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Drake turns 26 today, capping what’s been an eventful week of celebration for October’s Very Own. While we can’t promise bottle service, screaming coeds or another diploma, we can offer a collection of photos that embody the mantra he’s been spreading around the world over the last year. What’s that you say? YOLO is over? Eh, you only live once.

1. Inviting Lil Wayne to a basketball game? YOLO.

Drake 26th Birthday

He’s never going to hear you through those, Drizzy.

2. Posing with Canadian mounties? YOLO.

No one is too famous to thank public servants for their service.

3. Tasting his MTV Moonman before bringing it home? YOLO.

Drake 26th Birthday

Chew your Best Hip-Hop Video award so we know it’s real.

4. Pairing a chunky sweater, rose-colored glasses AND a pinky ring? YOLO.

Whoever said less is more was lying.

5. Forgetting to wear his contacts on class picture day? YOLO.

Drake 26th Birthday

His eyes will thank him later.

6. Choosing to go with the “duck face” pose when he is a male over the age of 18? YOLO.

Drake 26th Birthday

Young Money will back him up on this.

7. Hugging Tom Haverford? YOLO.

Drake 26th Birthday

Just don’t let him talk you into bringing Entertainment 720 back from the dead.

8. Double-fisting? YOLO.

Drake 26th Birthday

It gets the job done quicker. Wait—where’s his phone?

9. Hanging out with Carson Daly? YOLO.

Drake 26th Birthday

We always knew he was a TRL fan.

10. Subjecting himself to lung cancer? YOLO.

Drake 26th Birthday

Cigars contain less toxins when smoked in celebration.

11. Destroying public property? YOLO.

Drake 26th Birthday

Letting the rest of North America know that Canada is here to stay.

12. Flying on a jet plane branded with his own face? YOLO.

Drake 26th Birthday

See above.

13. Drinking white wine? YOLO.

Drake 26th Birthday

It has less calories! Plus, how else does he maintain that body? (Answer: Running on the treadmill, only eating salad.)

14. Reading the Torah in front of friends and family? YOLO.

Because if you can’t perform in front of these folks, who can you play to?

15. Driving a Bentley instead of a Maybach? YOLO.

Drake 26th Birthday

Just don’t tell ‘Ye and Jay.

16. Getting a tattoo of Aaliyah’s face? YOLO.

drake aaliyah back tattoo

Once a fan, always a fan.

17. Wearing this v-neck sweater to the VMAs? YOLO.

Drake VMAs Shirt

It’s a crowded party, which means sticking out on the red carpet is extra important.

18. And this velvet creation to a club in D.C.? YOLO.

Drake Birthday

It’s not his hometown, therefore he has zero social responsibility.

19. Crossing the aisle to talk to Rihanna’s BFF Katy Perry? YOLO.

Drake 26th Birthday

One of the three has to be somewhat reasonable.

20. Throwing caution to the wind? YOLO.

Drake 26th Birthday

Aubrey laughs at the idea of vertigo.

21. Letting someone copy his sweater game? YOLO.

Drake 26th Birthday

Andy Samberg is tight with Timberlake.

22. Convincing someone that he deserves his own NCAA championship ring? YOLO.

Drake NCAA Ring

Jimmy’s hoop dreams will never disappear.

23. Playing with fire? YOLO.

Drake 26th Birthday

That flame is harder to extinguish than we originally thought.

24. Rocking blue steel before the release of Zoolander 2? YOLO.

PD40 Drake

Still, so hot right now.

25. Recording a song with Justin Bieber? YOLO.

Drake 26th Birthday

It’s required of all Canadians—you’re next, Shania.

26. Almost sleeping with Ashley Kerwin? YOLO.

Drake 26th Birthday

But we always liked him with Ellie best.

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