What in Blazes Is This “Cake Like Lady Gaga” Song That Just Leaked?

Lady Gaga Raps
Posted on 09/20/2012 at 11:45 AM

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We knew Lady Gaga’s new album ARTPOP was gonna have a song with Kendrick Lamar on it, but we expected that to be about the limit of Gaga’s hip-hop flirtation on the project. Well, not if “Cake Lady Gaga” has anything to say about it. We’re still not sure just how authentic a track this is—it was supposedly leaked via a tweet from producer DJ White Shadow (one of the dudes behind “Born This Way”), though if so the tweet has since been deleted—but yes, this song appears to feature Lady Gaga trying her hand at rapping, with interesting results, to say the least.

Exactly why or how “Cake Like Lady Gaga” exists remains unclear. At the very least, we’re guessing that this song is probably not going to actually make it toARTPOP—it sounds too much like an unfinished demo, something tossed off in a matter of hours. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out to either be a demo from Gaga’s pre-fame days, or just a really good Gaga imitation from a fan that Shadow decided to prank the world with. We’re not gonna read too much into it until we find out a little more about it or where it came from.

Still, we kinda love this ridiculous thing. “Cake” features Gaga—if it is Gaga—rapping in a style halfway between Ke$ha’s and Lil B, violently free associating (“Fuck your life, trick bitch / I’m caked up and I’ll fuck your wife”) and basically bragging about being like herself, which is some fairly advanced shit for a relative amateur. Her lyrics aren’t exactly brilliant, but they have a definite lo-fi charm to them, as does the beat and the song’s male-sung (White Shadow?) hook. Considering how over-the-top and ostentatious much of Gaga’s recent work has been, doing a ridiculous, fun, no-frills hip-hop song like this makes her seem more human anything she’s done in ages.

We hope we hear from this song again in some form. Until then, here’s the lyrics, and a link to the Soundcloud:

Stunting all day, swag on 100 million
Private plane like Lady Gaga
Sip champagne like Lady Gaga
Sold out show like Lady Gaga
Big bankroll like Lady Gaga
Iced out wrist, iced out chain
I’m deep up in the fucking game
Everybody knows my name
Diamond ring like Lady Gaga
Diamond ring in your face
Fuck your face, trick bitch
Fuck your life, trick bitch
I’m caked up and I’ll fuck your wife
Fuck your life you bitch-ass trick

I’m posted in the trap, strapped with the AK
Aiming at your fitted cap
Cake like Lady Gaga

I roll all the good shit, you rolling on that Reggie Bush
I roll like Lady Gaga, Lady Gaga in this bitch
I roll all fucking day, Donatella on you ho’s
Donatella got them clothes, Donatella that’s for sure
Chopper in the chopper on the way to a sold out show
Lady Gaga bitch ass trick I put that on my Papa Joe
I mop you all across the floor, snatch your fucking weave out shit
In front of paparazzi, singing paparazzi in this bitch

Fuck the world, I’m Lady Gaga
Run the world like Lady Gaga
Phantom pearl like Lady Gaga
Burqa swag like Lady Gaga
Twitter on 30 million
Under 30 hundred million
30 million fans straight fanning like my children’s children
Ask my man Eddie ask Eve about Emmy
Ask anybody I’m rich, homie I got plenty
Shut shit down like Lady Gaga
Iced out crown and new (She) Prada
I son you son, ask you father
Skull tattoo I ain’t your daughter

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