The Britney Spears “X Factor” Emotional Palette

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Posted on 09/14/2012 at 5:38 PM

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Britney Spears made her debut on The X Factor this week, proving to television fans across the land that she’s capable of forming coherent thoughts, entertaining viewers with snarky quips and wobbling in sky-high heels. Yes, folks, she’s back!

Her prime-time performance has been generally positively received, with many taking note of Brit’s ability to be direct ruthless with her critiques. After suffering through so many poor attempts at judging, which ultimately fell somewhere between flirting with contestants and rambling purposelessly about past moments in the sun, Britney’s concise analysis and colorful facial expressions welcomed treats.

In fact, she was experiencing a bevy of emotions throughout her two-night run. So many, that we thought it would be useful to construct the Britney Spears Emotional Palette. Let’s kick the weekend off with the acknowledgement that Britney can feel once again.











To all those untalented suckers out there who haven’t gotten the message, we leave you with this:

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