Selena Gomez Gets Frisky in “Spring Breakers” Promo Photos

Selena Gomez Spring Breakers
Posted on 09/10/2012 at 5:50 PM

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Selena Gomez was seen (sans The Scene) promoting her new film Spring Breakers at the Toronto International Film Festival over the weekend. We’ve heard a lot over the last year about how the film is a much more mature role for former Disney star, who dressed the part while walking the festival carpet and attending her requisite photo call. Her latest project won’t hit theaters until next year, so it’s important we have a lasting visual less much less scaring than James Franco in dreadlocks to maintain our anticipation. Just like her boyfriend, Selena can evoke a whole range of emotions, with just the slight change of expression (and the help of a very revealing top). Enjoy.

Selena Gomez Spring Breakers

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