The Boys of One Direction Introduce Themselves to Their VMA Audience

One Direction VMA Ad
Posted on 08/21/2012 at 12:38 PM

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We’ve known that One Direction is performing at the 2012 Video Music Awards for a few weeks now, and their upcoming gig will cap off a highly successful spring and summer that saw the boys travel the world and bring tears to the eyes of all females in their path. While they stomached performing in front of Olympic athletes and British royals, playing to their peers—which includes more than a few loose cannons—has got to be nerve-wracking. Yet 1D and MTV want you to approach the Sept. 6 show with a sense of purpose, believing that the five former X Factor contestants are changing the course of history with every dance move they don’t execute. (It’s easy to get behind a campaign called “This is the moment,” when you have a similarly titled song.) In case you’ve yet to pick up your DVD, take our word that the guys of 1D are no strangers to slow-motion camera work, triumphant music and mood lightning. But first, a role call.






My, how much your facial hair status has changed, Z! Queen Elizabeth can clap all she wants, but on a night like this, its the fellow nominees you really want to impress. Given the size of the spotlight and the attention fellow performer Taylor Swift will likely be getting, it’s understandable 1D would want to formally introduce themselves to their VMA audiences, in hopes of avoiding becoming potential punchlines for host Kevin Hart. Yes, they wear tight pants, and yes, their hair takes a lot of time to “sculpt” to such messy perfection. But look! They love galaxies, just like Beyoncé. This makes them officially off-limits.

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