Azealia Banks Goes Underwater, Gets Awesome In “Van Vogue”

Azealia Banks Van Vogue
Posted on 08/15/2012 at 1:48 PM

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Azealia Banks’ videos, thus far, tend to be only and exactly what they need to be: several-minute stretches of Banks acting and dressing awesome. “Van Vogue” is no exception to either. There’s not much to it–Azealia hangs out underwater in the dark doing divalike things–but even so, she manages to do so much with it! For instance, she…

- Gives everyone a reason to dig the 1991 EP out again
- Be one of the vanishingly few people in the world who actually should wear that fedora
- Popularize (maybe?) glisten-in-the-dark lipstick
- Popularize (in a better world?) caviar lipstick
- Flick away water with an awesome flourish. (1:17-1:19. GIF. Make it happen, Internet.)
- Make a pretty good case that yes, she does have claim to the whole “vamp” idea
- Flaunts her productivity–the “1991″ video’s being filmed as we speak. Literally, as we write these words. Oh, if we could all keep up her level of work. Or at least of style.


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