Lady Gaga Explains “Artpop” Title While Explaining Nothing

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Posted on 08/07/2012 at 2:25 PM

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What does Lady Gaga’s album title ~ARTPOP~ mean? It’s not really a pressing question–it’s fairly self-explanatory, in subtext and text–but in case you were curious, here is Gaga’s explanation.


Transcription: “A hybrid can withstand these things / my heart can beat with bricks and strings / my ARTPOP can mean anything.” (Enjambment not reproduced here. Larger text size on ARTPOP also not reproduced here–it throws off the spacing, anyway.)

Welp. At least “love is like a brick–it can build a house or sink a dead body” made a little more immediate sense. What do you think Gaga’s talking about? What does “artpop” mean? Post it in the comments, because this is a rare comments-section opportunity: no matter what you answer, you’ll be right! And when Gaga inevitably uses these as lyrics and/or cutscene quotes in a 7-minute music video, that’ll just be another way of being right. All’s fair in bricklike love and artpop.

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