VOTE! The 2012 Pop Olympics Finals: “Best Fans”

Pop Olympics Best Fans
Posted on 08/03/2012 at 1:33 PM

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Last week, millions of you (literally!) supported your countries and favorite pop stars by participating in the first round of our 2012 Pop Olympics. We’re super grateful for the enormous patience and dedication you showed during the occasionally buggy process, and we promise that this week will be a much smoother experience.

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This week, the field has been narrowed from the initial 16 participating artists to your four finalists, vying for the title of World’s Greatest Pop Star. They are: JUSTIN BIEBER (Canada), GIRLS’ GENERATION (South Korea), TAYLOR SWIFT (U.S.A.) and THE WANTED (Great Britain). During the week, our four Pop Olympians will face off in a series of five musical competitions–a pop pentathalon–and, as always, you and only you get to determine the winner with your vote. Among the week’s events: Best Song, Best Video, and Best YouTube Moment. You can vote in each event as many times as you’d like, and the voting for each will remain open throughout the week. The results will be tallied at week’s end (midnight on Sunday, August 5), and on Monday, Aug. 6, we will announce the Gold, Silver and Bronze metal winners in the 2012 Pop Olympics.

And now, the final event: BEST FANS. That’s right—check out the incredible things some of you have been saying about your favorite artists, and then give yourselves a bow by voting for the fan group you’ve been repping.

And if you haven’t yet, be sure to head back over to our previous event polls to vote in those:

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Tappan Price Bieber: “vote JUSTIN BIEBER <3 <3 even if he is winning ! GO JUSTIN DREW BIEBER <3 <3 <3 <3 <3"

sharlotBieber: “I cannot wait to see the smile on Justin’s face, when he wins. He deserves this <3 justin !"

Justin Bieber

ROYALBLOOD_SONE: “Its great seeing KPOP FANDOMS units! I bet when our bias groups see’s this they’d be heck proud of us.;)…So SONEs, and KPOP FAMILY Lets KEEP VOTING FOR GIRLS’ GENERATION! Fighting!>;))”

Girls' Generation

Taylor Swift

Antoine the swiftie: “Congratulations Taylor Swift! I love you soo much! I actually kept voting until 6:30 am then put the alarm at 8:50 AM to continue voting before it becomes 9 (midnight in USA time) it was worth the sleepless time! Lovee yaaa! Have a swifty olympiad everyone!:D<3"
CrazySwifty: “Please vote for Taylor she has to win she is such a good person… amazing music, but she’s respectful and sweet &&& don’t show any cleavage.”

The Wanted

Ch Dale: “OMG our boys THE WANTED didd it!!! ALthough it looked unlikely TWfanmly full it off and showed how much we love THE WANTED!!!!! i can’t believe it, i am so proud and to see them win means loads to me and all of TWfanmily! ‘some days stay Gold Forever’”

Who Has the Best Fans?

  • Jusitn Bieber
    540 votes
  • Girls' Generation
    17,413 votes
  • Taylor Swift
    2,025 votes
  • The Wanted
    6,805 votes

Total Votes: 0

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