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Posted on 08/01/2012 at 1:22 PM

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Last week, millions of you (literally!) supported your countries and favorite pop stars by participating in the first round of our 2012 Pop Olympics. We’re super grateful for the enormous patience and dedication you showed during the occasionally buggy process, and we promise that this week will be a much smoother experience.

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This week, the field has been narrowed from the initial 16 participating artists to your four finalists, vying for the title of World’s Greatest Pop Star. They are: JUSTIN BIEBER (Canada), GIRLS’ GENERATION (South Korea), TAYLOR SWIFT (U.S.A.) and THE WANTED (Great Britain). During the week, our four Pop Olympians will face off in a series of five musical competitions–a pop pentathalon–and, as always, you and only you get to determine the winner with your vote. Among the week’s events: Best Song, Best Video, and Best YouTube Moment. You can vote in each event as many times as you’d like, and the voting for each will remain open throughout the week. The results will be tallied at week’s end (midnight on Sunday, August 5), and on Monday, Aug. 6, we will announce the Gold, Silver and Bronze metal winners in the 2012 Pop Olympics.

And now, the third event: HOTTEST ARTIST. Do your due diligence heck out our slideshows of the four artists linked to below and vote underneath for who you think is the hottest of the four And if you haven’t yet, be sure to head back over to our Best Song and Best YouTube Moment as well to vote in those.

PHOTOS: Ten Sexy Pics of Justin Bieber

PHOTOS: Ten Sexy Pics of The Wanted

PHOTOS: Ten Sexy Pics of Taylor Swift

PHOTOS: Ten Sexy Pics of Girls’ Generation

Justin Bieber has long been the subject of lust from pre-teens just learning about boys, teens who can’t help themselves, and post-teens who wonder why they can’t find someone their own age like him to chill by the fire and eat fondue with. He may currently belong to Selena Gomez, but now that Rolling Stone has declared him Hot, Ready and Legal, it’s officially anyone’s game on The Bieb.

In terms of sheer volume of sexiness, there’s obviously no competing with Girls’ Generation, a nonet of undeniable hotties. Any one of them on their own could at least hold their own against the Taylors and Biebers of the world, but when taken in their entirety…well, they’d certainly be the hottest baseball team in the majors.

Taylor isn’t your traditional pop babe, tall and a little lanky for a starlet, but then again, Taylor isn’t your traditional pop singer, either. Her sexiness is more of the thinking man’s variety, though still supremely evident in lip pout, hair flip, penetrating stare and world-brightening giggle-smile. Not every hottie has to be of the magazine pinup type—sometimes the girl next door (we wish) is still the ultimate in attractiveness.

Who’s the sexiest member? Luckily, this time around, we don’t have to decide. Usually, it’s not even a fair fight for The Wanted to be competing in sexiness against anyone but themselves—-whether you like a more mature, head-shaven look like Max, or the shaggy, youthful charm of Nathan, it’s all hot all the time with each of the five members. They probably appreciate a little healthy competition for once.

Which Artist Is the Hottest?

  • Justin Bieber
    521 votes
  • Girls' Generation
    35,164 votes
  • Taylor Swift
    2,612 votes
  • The Wanted
    15,124 votes

Total Votes: 0

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