Let’s Play Jukebox Jury With The Boys Of Mindless Behavior!

Mindless Behavior
Posted on 07/17/2012 at 10:15 AM

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The Popdust Files: mindless behavior

Secret’s out: We enjoy hanging out with Mindless Behavior. The teen R&B-pop quartet knows how to a play a party bus, so it’s no surprise they’d also know how to play a musical guessing game. (It’s the next logical progression in hanging out, certainly.)

We tested the boys’ musical acumen by playing six different songs and challenging them to guess the song and the artist as quickly as possible. We chose new songs and older songs—songs by their contemporaries, their influences, and artists they’ve worked with. We timed their guesses and continued to record their conversations as their mindless minds wandered. Look forward to a discussion of the term “swag,” the Tooth Fairy’s going rate, and the proper way to get someone to call you, definitely. Hint, hint.

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Princeton: Play it!

1. Gotye, “Somebody That I Used to Know” (2011)

The boys immediately chime in “Ohhh!”

Princeton: I love this song! I really do like this song because I like punk music. This is like reggae/punk/pop/funk.

Prodigy: I heard this song before, I just don’t know the name.

Popdust: Can anyone name it?

Princeton: Gotye! “Someone That I Used To Know!”

So close.

Ray Ray: SomeBODY.

Ray Ray for the win.

Princeton: Body!

Princeton: I sing this song in the shower.

Roc Royal makes TMI face.

Prodigy: I love it, the only thing is I don’t know the lyrics.

Popdust: Try singing it for us.

Prodigy (singing): Da na da na da na making my own lyrics.

Roc Royal: Yeah man those are the lyrics…

All: Da na da na da na CUT ME OFF!

Roc Royal mocking Prodigy's poetic license with regards to Gotye.


2. The Temptations, “My Girl” (1964)

Princeton chimes in immediately, not ruffling his magnificent head of hair.

Princeton: Temptations, “My Girl!”

Ding ding!

Princeton: Our first single was called “My Girl!”

Perhaps that had something to do with why we chose it…

Ray Ray: When I grew up, my grandpa played a lot of old music so I love this stuff. This is one of my favorite songs of all time.

Old music might also include Backstreet Boys. He’s 15.

Princeton and Ray Ray are old souls.

Prodigy: Growing up in Philly, every time I’d go to block parties, they’d always play “back-in-the-day” music.

Roc Royal: Temptations! I like it, our first single was inspired by this song and sampled Heavy D & the Boyz’ “Gyrlz They Love Me.”

All (falsetto, singing along): My girl…Ooooo Ooooo!

Prodigy: See we know the lyrics to this one!

That you do, Prodigy. That you doooo oooo!


3. Carly Rae Jepsen, “Call Me Maybe” (2012)

Princeton: This song is the biggest song in the world right now! I was in the UK and–

Prodigy: Wait who sings this again?

Princeton: Carly Rae Jepsen! (sings) “Hey I just met you!”

Ding ding! 15 seconds.

Prodigy: Oh, yeah.

Princeton: Catchiest hook in the world. If you, like, only like hip-hop, it doesn’t matter, you’re gonna sing this song while you’re eating.

And only then?

Roc Royal: I first heard it in London. This is craaaazy.

Ray Ray: I love the video…at the end…

When the object of her affections ends up liking dudes.

Princeton: Y’know I just give girls my number, no “maybe.”

Prodigy: Riiiiight.

Sarcasm, maybe.


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