“Fortune” and Everything That Goes With It: Chris Brown Leaks New Album Tracklist

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Posted on 05/29/2012 at 9:35 AM

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Well, looks like this album is actually coming out after all. After many, many delays, Chris Brown’s latest studio effort Fortune is due out on June 29th, and now we have a tracklist to back it up—14 tracks of Breezy goodness, with five bonus tracks for the deluxe edition, of course. Four of the titles are familiar—”Sweet Love,” “Strip,” “Til I Die” and “Turn Up the Music,” all of which have long been leaked—though many other songs released by Brown to the internet since his last album, including “Don’t Wake Me Up” and “How I Feel,” do not make the cut. Here’s the rundown, with some commentary after:

1. Turn Up The Music – Brown, Chris / Underdogs, The / Fuego
2. Bassline – Dirty
3. Till I Die – Main Version – Brown, Chris Feat. Big Sean & Wiz Khalifa
4. Mirage – Dirty – Brown, Chris Featuring Nas
5. Don’t Judge Me
6. 2012
7. Biggest Fan – Dirty
8. Sweet Love
9. Strip – Explicit Version – Brown, Chris Feat. Kevin Mccall
10. Stuck On Stupid
11. 4 Years Old
12. Cadillac – Brown, Chris Featuring Sevyn
13. Don’t Wake Me Up
14. Trumpet Lights – Dirty – Brown, Chris Featuring Sabrina Antionette

Deluxe Tracks:
15. Tell Somebody
16. Free Run
17. Remember My Name – Brown, Chris Featuring Sevyn
18. Wait For You
19. Touch Me – Brown, Chris Featuring Sevyn

Well, no huge surprises here guest-wise, though Nas showing up on “Mirage” is a bit of a surprise—that guy is really all over the place this year, isn’t he? More interesting are a couple of the titles, including “Trumpet Lights” (?), “Don’t Judge Me” (ugh, when you ask us not to, it just makes us wanna do it soooooo bad) and, of course, “Stuck on Stupid” (not something to be so proud of, Breezy!). “Biggest Fan – Dirty” also makes us somewhat leery, but we’ll wait to hear on that one. We also know remarkably little about “Sevyn,” the guest start that appears on a combined three tracks in the album’s deluxe edition, but perhaps (s)he will be to this album what Snoop Dogg was to The Chronic. Can’t wait till June 29th to find out!


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