Rihanna Is Totally Comfortable Being Nude

Posted on 05/27/2012 at 6:24 PM

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It’s hard to predict what new information about Rihanna will be considered “shocking,” particularly when she’s already been photographed tending to some herbal refreshment atop her security guard’s head and running topless on a humorless farmer’s property. Also, the effort of trying to attach some semblance of “shame” to any and all of Rihanna’s actions is a losing battle—zero fucks will be given—so we’d rather just direct your attention to her latest venture and let you decide the appropriate reaction for yourselves.

Like many pop stars, Rih sees additional revenue in the fragrance game, and will be soon releasing her second scent, the deceivingly-titled, Nude—because we all wish our natural musk allowed us to smell that good wearing nothing? Early promo shots for the fragrance leaked on Friday via web.stagram, including plenty of shirtless Rihannas in blonde wigs and little else. The nonexistent wardrobe doesn’t seem to bother her; judging by her Twitter correspondence, she’s more concerned with letting fans know she still has black hair. She looks great, these photos will likely get a lot of attention and her fragrance will probably start flying off shelves in a matter of months, with a male counterpart coming in 2013. We’re on board as long as she agrees to do a commercial as dramatic and creepy as Justin Bieber‘s. Any chance to hone her craft

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