The Popdust Weekend Playlist: 4/14/12

Posted on 04/14/2012 at 11:55 AM

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Anybody who’s anybody is going to be at the Coachella Music Festival this weekend in Indio, California, but who says you have to be somebody to read Popdust? (Hey, if we were there ourselves, we probably wouldn’t be writing this article right now.) Anyway, you don’t need a three-day marathon of live acts to properly rock out this weekend—we’ve got you well covered on that front, and you don’t even have to register a wristband or deal with disappointingly damp desert weather to enjoy it. Take a read through, and sample our Spotify playlist at the bottom of each page.


Holy crap is this song good. Even Big Sean’s barrage of semi-cringe-worthy ass puns that kicks the song off isn’t nearly enough to derail it—it’s more about Sean’s simple “swerve” utterances over the Bollywood-sounding hook, that “Niggas in Paris”-worthy head-nodding beat, and the super-creeping synths that take things to the next level underneath Kanye’s verse. The rapping is good  but it almost don’t matter—this could be a DJ Khaled song (with no guests!) and still be a must-listen every time it comes on the radio.


You heard of these guys yet? Seems like even if not, you will soon enough—the buzz is mounting, enough for a top ten debut on the Billboard album charts and a first appearance on the lower stretches of the Hot 100 this week as well. The hook for this band is “The Icelandic Mumford and Sons!” (don’t worry, the vocalist isn’t Bjork or the guy from Sigur Ros) and it’s not hard to see them enjoying a year-long commercial slow-burn like M&S did in 2011—though in reality, single “Little Talks” has way more in common with Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes’ intimate 2010 anthem “Home.” Bet Sharpe and company are a little pissed they weren’t twelve months or so later on that one.


No, unfortunately, Spotify doesn’t have the jingle from Mary J. Blige’s future-classic Burger King Crispy Chicken Snack Wrap commercial just yet—might have to wait for MJB’s next Greatest Hits album for that, but they do have “Don’t Mind,” the song from last year’s My Life II that the tune is based on. Anyway, you know the Snack Wrap lyrics well enough by now to add those in yourself: “Crispy chicken…fresh lettuce….three cheeses…ranch dressing…”


If you were getting tired of the Black Keys and looking for that latest modern rock act that you and your dad could agree on, the Alabama Shakes might be just the ticket. The name smacks of Trying Too Hard, but the song is just right, a groovy little singalong with hips to spare—the kind of song the Black Crowes would pull off back in the days when they didn’t suck. And yes, that is actually a woman singing—Ms. Brittany Howard, who really puts the semi-achievement of Juliet Simms’ performance of The Police’s “Roxanne” on The Voice into proper perspective.


Whoever ends up showing at the Rock Hall induction ceremonies this weekend to represent Guns ‘N Roses, they probably won’t be playing this underrated Appetite For Destruction jam, but damn what a ripper. Classic rock is certainly no stranger to cowbell usage, but this song is up there with Nazareth’s “Hair of the Dog,” Mountain’s “Mississippi Queen” and (of course) Blue Oyster Cult’s “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper” when discussing songs that best maximize the percussive instrument’s potential. Maybe Axl can show up just to clang that shit—how great would that be?

For lots more weekend jams, including a Gotye deep cut and double-representation of everyone’s favorite non-cardinal direction, click NEXT.

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