Nicki Minaj’s “Roman Reloaded” Reviewed: “HOV Lane”

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Posted by on 03/29/2012 at 2:14 PM Reviews

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Track 5: “HOV Lane”

Sounds Like: Roman Reloaded getting furious, each synth punch and clap and line sharpened to impale you. Or, put another way, the midpoint between diss tracks like “Stupid Hoe” and the pop tracks on the album. Good to hear that there is a midpoint.

Pros: “I’m in the HOV lane, and you-you-you-you so train” is the perfect punchline, in the sense that it’s like going down a line of people punching you. By the time you read this, somebody you know has probably already used it to shut someone down–not as well as Nicki, but still. Also: the music world should grant a lot more work to whomever sampled different handclaps and whomever’s responsible for that bass growl on the bridge.

Cons: Can we not be using “friend zone” in verses? With just-a-friendly regards, us.

Roman Rating: 6/10. Roman in spirit, less so in execution.

WTF Moment?: “Fuck you, porn star.” This is not much of a WTF moment, because this is not much of a WTF track.

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