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Jimmy Fallon prepares to interview Madonna for a live Facebook chat. Madonna’s new album, MDNA, was released today.

No more paper petals on Marie Osmond’s roses

Deseret News (Salt Lake City) February 4, 2005 | Carma Wadley Deseret Morning News Remember the old Barbara Walters question about being a tree? If you change that to flower and ask it of Marie Osmond, there’s no question what the answer would be: a lavender rose.

“I love roses, and my very favorite is lavender roses,” said Osmond in a telephone interview from her home in Utah County. “We bought a new house a few years ago, and I’ve just been waiting for the right rose to come along so I can plant lavender roses all around it.” That rose has come along — a two-tone lavender rose developed by Cottage Hill Nursery Inc. and named in her honor.

The “Marie Osmond” rose will make its debut on QVC Monday in connection with the introduction of “Marie,” the 12th doll in Marie Osmond’s Coming Up Roses doll collection. The doll, sculpted to look like Marie as a toddler by award-winning artist Emily Garthright, is a 15-inch porcelain doll that sits atop a garden bench. The doll’s dress is a lavender rose print, and the bench is adorned with purple and lavender roses. The doll is also musical and plays “Paper Roses,” Osmond’s first No. 1 hit, recorded when she was 12.

“It’s really a signature piece, and with the rose, it’s all very exciting,” said Osmond. She joins the ranks of numerous celebrities and notables who have had roses named in their honor, including Princess Diana, Queen Elizabeth, Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, Cary Grant and Judy Garland. go to site marie osmond wedding

“Isn’t that fun?” she said with a laugh. She especially likes the fact that while all roses symbolize love, the lavender rose also symbolizes enchantment and love at first sight. That’s exactly the feeling she tries to create with her dolls.

“I’ve been doing this for 15 years now. I love dolls.” But even more than that, “I love producing something people can collect that is meaningful and can be passed down from generation to generation. When my mother died, each of my brothers specifically asked to get one of her dolls for each of their daughters.” It was because of her mother that Osmond first got interested in collecting dolls. The only girl in a family of eight brothers, she shared a special bond with her mother. “As we traveled around, she would buy me dolls. I gravitated to porcelain dolls, because I loved how they looked. My mother would give me a special doll every year,” and eventually “I just started designing my own.” Marie Osmond dolls, introduced in 1991, were marketed first through QVC and Disney theme parks and later through doll and retail stores. They have become QVC’s top-selling line of dolls. The February shows will include a variety of dolls in addition to “Marie.” (For more information go to www.marieosmond.com). this web site marie osmond wedding

The Marie Osmond rose, which will also be introduced, is a “stunning, highly fragrant rose with large blooms, about 4 to 5 inches across,” said Dave Grim, marketing director for the Alabama- based Cottage Hill Nursery Inc. and producer of the nursery’s QVC show. It’s hardy and will grow throughout the country — although it will need winter protection in the north, he said.

The nursery has supplied other roses that have been marketed in connection with Marie Osmond’s Coming Up Roses dolls. “But this time we were very fortunate. Our contract suppliers in Arizona had developed this hybrid, two-tone lavender rose that had not been named yet. We were able to get the trademark and name it after Marie.” The rose will be available only through QVC shows at this point, he said. “We have a limited supply for this year.” Love of roses is another thing Osmond shared with her mother. “In fact, everything I love to do are the things my mother and I did together on the road — sewing, crocheting. I learned to tat.” She credits her mother with the fact that “I know how to do a lot of things.” And that has come in useful throughout her career. “I’ve had a long career; I’ve been able to do a lot,” she said.

Her latest venture has been a talk-radio show, which, she said, “was a truly wonderful experience.” She’s not really surprised that the show was canceled, though, because “it was an afternoon drive- time show, and stations usually want their own people on for drive- time.” She had signed just a one-year contract. “I’d have been happy to do it for two or three years. I loved the human contact, especially with the female listeners. I missed a lot of that since I didn’t go to public schools. Locally, B98 was wonderful to work with.” But, she said, other things are in the works. “We’re currently entertaining some other offers, so we’ll see what’s next.” If you watch …

What: Marie Osmond will sell the “Marie Osmond” rose and “Marie” doll Channel: QVC When: Monday, 10 p.m.; Tuesday, 10 a.m.-noon and 5-6 p.m.

Cost: The rose will sell for $14.99; the rose and doll package will sell for around $149.

Carma Wadley Deseret Morning News

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