Hot Chelle Rae “Honestly” Doesn’t Do Polite Breakups

Posted on 03/26/2012 at 5:31 PM

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Planning on breaking up with someone? Hot Chelle Rae knows about this, and here they are, with the battle hymn of the publicly dumped. The video for “Honestly” is a very detailed cautionary tale, basically; it’s all about things you might not want to do if you ever want to be friends with your ex again. It’s equal-opportunity, too!

THE GIRL*: Keying cars; screwing up the act of keying cards by being demure about it and, more importantly, by keying other people‘s cars; wreaking havoc with laundry and sheet music; crawling and pouting a lot; taking post-breakup advice from Jojo’s “Marvin’s Room“; going on fake dating sites immediately after the breakup. (At least wait a day, jeez.)

THE GUYS: Excessive, deceptive gaming that she’s not in on; sending photos of themselves making out with other girls; tagging her in those photos just to spite her; using really shady-looking fake photo sites (yeah, yeah, copyright but still); letting the camera linger on her insecurity; knocking over the beer pong table.

Well done, everybody. There is not a bridge that hasn’t been burned. Let’s just hope everyone’s future relationships (including the girl with her rebound) are less grisly, or at least result in less wasted beer.

*Played by Ashley Benson, if that’s a thing you’re interested in.

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