B.o.B’s Song About Globe-Trotting Gets A Video About Globe-Trotting

Posted on 03/21/2012 at 3:29 PM

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B.o.B’s last single to get a video, of sorts, was called “Where Are You.” This could be “Where In The (Travel-Destination Parts of the) World is B.o.B?” Which parts of the world can he and his lady pirouette around, looking right out of postcards or well-produced travel ads with well-moneyed wardrobe budgets? Why are they so happy? Well, OK, if video editing and na-na-na choruses were what it took to travel, instead of TSA lines and cramped airplanes, then we’d all be as happy as B.o.B and whomever he’s with. We’d have it so good.

Oh yes, and this video is apparently also apparently available in 3D on Nintendo Video. We trust you care about this exactly as much as we do.

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