Watch Adam Lambert Perform Three New “Trespassing” Tracks

Posted on 03/09/2012 at 10:58 AM

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Thanks to MJsBigBlog for the tip on this one. Adam Lambert performed three songs off Trespassing at a radio event–”Cuckoo,” “Chokehold” and “Trespassing”–and you can watch them below.

Our snap judgments, at least based on the clips we’ve got: The studio version of “Cuckoo” has a strong chance of being pretty great, at least if those guitars transfer; “cuckoo” is sung exactly how you think it is. “Chokehold” is a power ballad that can go either way depending entirely on how it’s produced; the bridge could be interesting. (It’s the one Adam said was kind of like Depeche Mode, which is promising.) “Trespassing” is the title track and in no way a ballad; Adam’s having a lot of fun with those vocals. So that’s three promising tracks. Not bad! In Idol-alum terms, perhaps “Better Than I Know Myself” is going to be the “Mr. Know It All” of the album: not really representative?

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