One Direction vs. The Wanted: Who Is More Awesome?

Posted on 03/02/2012 at 12:02 PM

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The United States is about to be gripped by déjà vu. Readers under age 18 know what’s going on now; readers over age 18 know what went on before. We speak of this: One Direction vs. The Wanted, a boy band brawl the likes of which we haven’t seen since ‘N Sync vs. Backstreet Boys. Two groups of British guys are invading the charts with unabashedly poppy hits, but only one can star in America’s fever dreams. One Direction got their start the same way bunches of British charters did: coming in third on the seventh season of the British X Factor and riding the Simon Cowell wave of popdom ever since. Television has been less generous to the boys of The Wanted, who individually tried their hand musical stardom (remember Avenue?) before coming together to find the perfect arrangement.

Who will be this decade’s equivalent of last decade’s TRL champs? Whose songs should you be slow dancing to? Who’s larger than life? Who should go bye bye bye? This demands a scientific investigation, and fortunately for you, Popdust is here to meet that demand. Two of our own have bravely volunteered to stan for one band: Emily Exton for The Wanted, Katherine St Asaph for 1D. We’ll judge them as objectively as our newly found fandoms will allow by all the musical, personal and fan criteria we can think of, before naming one the most TRL-worthy for the 2010s. Of course, we encourage you let us know what you think as well. If you already know enough to declare allegiance in this battle of British boy bands, vote in our poll!


For our side-by-side comparison of the guys’ videos, style, significant others and more, click NEXT.

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