The Ultimate “American Idol” Power Rankings: Savannah Auditions

Posted on 01/19/2012 at 12:36 PM

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American Idol loves Savannah, Georgia, y’all. It’s perfect to stage cross-promotional soundtracking of Lauren Alaina’s single “Georgia Peaches,” to attract plenty of country singers that make up what’s increasingly Idol‘s core demographic, to make lots of chiding-but-not-really-chiding cracks about the South, and to banter about how hot it is.

Sadly for Fox, audiences didn’t quite share in the Southern pride; the premiere was the show’s worst ratings drop in its history, likely because of lack of buzz, a flooded market–X Factor‘s finale was less than a month ago–and sheer attrition. Idol would prefer “venerable history” to “attrition,” if the decade’s retrospective big-upping and Roman-text Idol logo, but if the show wants to be Rome, it’s getting to the late-empire stage.

That said, Idol still doled out plenty of bread and circuses, workmanlike good voices bestowed golden tickets and mediocre singers bestowed loony audition segments. There was less middle ground than ever–either your voice was festooned with praise or with mockery. We, however, like middle ground a bit more, and for the first installment of our ultimate Idol power rankings–see our X Factor coverage to get the idea–we’ve divvied up the people, places and things on display into four categories: the bad, the mediocre, the good and the great. Where does your favorite stand? Or did he fall instead? Read on to find out.

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