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Posted on 01/15/2012 at 1:58 PM

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Now that any New Year’s hangover has subsided, the brutal winter chill has arrived and the search for the first breakout song of 2012 has begun. Jay-Z made a strong pull at our sentimental heartstrings—however small they may be—with his ode to Baby Blue, but he fatherly gift mostly got us thinking of parent-child songs of past and present. Continuous Blue Ivy coverage, plus a billion and one mentions of Tim Tebow anywhere but the sports arena, made us realize that even if he can’t defeat Tom Brady, there might a future in licensing his name to various parody singers hoping for a Weird Al career. Cheer up! It’s a three-day weekend, so use these ten songs to keep you going until Tuesday.


You’ve heard all the facts: Jay recorded part of the track in Beyoncé’s Lenox Hill Hospital roomBlue Ivy Carter is the youngest person to grace a Billboard chart and candid lyrics hint at past miscarriages. Father-child songs are precarious with heavy risk of sounding cliché, but we’ll take Jay’s candor and raw emotion spread over a Pharrell beat any day.


We could include some showtunes in honor of the Glee star’s current stint in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying—don’t tempt us—but instead we’ll direct you to his solo music, off the 2010 EP Human. A piano-heavy ballad, the supportive and sweet vote of confidence moves to a cascade of bursting chords and key changes, stretching his voice from just the guy who sings a superior version of “Teenage Dream,” and showing us what Blaine Warbler might sound like on his days off.


It’s perfectly acceptable to continue to mourn the New York band, following the decision to call it quits last April. In honor of the upcoming release of their documentary Shut Up and Play the Hits, which chronicles their last show at Madison Square Garden, we suggest the This Is Happening‘s long-gestating track that twists and turns with its hypnotic rhythms and James Murphy’s soothing “aah-aahs,” only to grab you in the face with one of the boldest electronic breaks. Definitely worth just a bit of your time.


Pittsburgh’s native son has done his homework, rattling off references to De La Soul over cool synths in this smoother, subtle departure from his previous crowd-gathering anthem. Pop culture hashtags abound, but it’s the twinkling piano, an homage to his predecessors, that has us keeping this one on rotation late into the night.


After last night, Tim Tebow may not have any miracles left in him this year, but in case you need a good opposing viewpoint to the story that captured much of the nation in recent weeks, the late-night hosts provides a humorous take on God’s relationship with football players via the music of David Bowie.

For marching with Lauryn Hill and cheering on The Pack with Lil Wayne, click NEXT.

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