Florence And The Machine’s “Shake It Out” Is Bigger Than “The View”

florence and the machine the view abc performs video shake it out
Posted on 12/19/2011 at 5:35 PM

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Florence Welch’s music is big. Obvious statement, no? It’s big enough that even on The View, with a backing screen of clip-art snowflakes and a backing choir that’s maybe a handful of people, “Shake It Out” sounded colossal. (Her belting helped a lot.) It’s big enough that it got her on VH1 Divas, after which she was compared to She of Very Big Music, Celine Dion. It’s big enough that the quiet moments–Florence’s whispered “looking to heaven,” on which she’s actually softer than the choir–really stand out. It’s big enough that it’s probably going to be the trademark single from Ceremonials, the way “Dog Days are Over” was for Lungs; it’s effective and big, so we don’t really mind.

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