The X Factor Power Rankings: Top 5 / “Dance” Night

Posted on 12/08/2011 at 12:53 PM

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The X Factor took us to the land of dance classics last night, a wondrous fantasyland where “Someone Like You” is our era’s premier dance banger and where contestants can sing Chaka Khan without fading into smoke and thin notes and the shadow of the greats. They were next supposed to take us into the land of the Pepsi Challenge, a fantasyland of which the world has no details thanks to BIG CRISES.

Fortunately for X Factor watchers–not to mention people like us who write about it–that crisis didn’t preclude anyone from singing, although it did keep them pretty ensconced in standards. That doesn’t mean we won’t have words for it, as well as everyone else on the show. Read on to see how the top 5 fare as the finals loom close!

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