B.o.B, Lil Wayne And T.I. Frolic In A Field For "Strange Clouds" Video


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Feeding into our obsession with extraterrestrial life and dancing in unspecified fields, B.o.B put himself in what looks like a better version of a Mel Gibson movie for his new video “Strange Clouds.” For the most part, Bobby Ray and his two stallions dance in front of a green screen in his own field of dreams while neighbors stare up at the sky’s fluctuating colors and prep for impending visitors, one of whom has a healthy taste for their newest crop. Yes, Weezy continues his year of crashing other people’s videos, this time stopping by to do some yard work and possibly making good on his three-year quest to phone home. Furthering the farm to table motif is T.I., who dances around in flannel, hyping up the duo’s verses. After the year he’s had, he doesn’t need one of his own, he’s just happy to be there. And to be able to choose his own wardrobe. Watch below.

Millions missing in cigarette trailer heist.

Times-News (Burlington, NC) March 2, 2006 Byline: Kadi Hodges Mar. 2–In a quiet heist Saturday night, thieves pulled out of Mebane with four tractor-trailers and a cargo of hot cigarettes worth $6 million.

According to a police report, 4,727 cases of cigarettes were packed into trucks at the L.J. Rogers Trucking Company on Oakwood Street Extension. On Sunday afternoon an L.J. Rogers employee called officers to report the rigs were missing. see here gold toe socks

The thieves moved security cameras that record activity in the company’s lot and drove off with the trucks. The tractor-trailers belong to L.J. Rogers and are worth about $20,000 each.

The trailers contained 56 million Lorillard brand cigarettes like Newports, Mavericks, and Kents.

Mebane Police Chief Terry Caldwell said some of the trucks have GPS tracking systems, and police have been trying to find them using the GPS signals. By Wednesday evening police were still working with slim leads.

Police from Connecticut to Florida were asked to look out for the trucks.

Caldwell said similar cigarette heists have happened all over the East Coast during the past several years.

In September, a truckload of cigarettes was stolen from the TA Truck stop in Burlington while the driver ate lunch.

Burlington Police Maj. Tim Flack said in that incident police used the truck’s GPS tracking device and found the cab within the hour. It was parked in Greensboro, but the trailer of cigarettes was gone. web site gold toe socks

Three days later, the FBI found the trailer in Miami, but the thieves had already unpacked the cigarettes. No arrests have been made in that case.

In 2001, someone stole a truckload of Gold Toe socks worth $1 million from a Mebane hosiery mill.

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