The X Factor Power Rankings: Top 9 / Thanksgiving Night

Posted on 11/23/2011 at 12:44 PM

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Thanksgiving is a complex holiday. You either gather with loved ones or dread the thought of making it look like your family situation is completely loving–or both, or neither. You might sit solemnly to give thanks, then rush off the next day (or wee hours!) to jostle other folks out of the department-store queues.

And on The X Factor, every segment is heartwarming (some successfully, some less), every judge’s commentary is more like pecan pie, caramelized critiques only lightly dusted with real criticism–but then the show tells you to talk smack on Twitter with “oh snap,” and everyone knows that disaster looms for not one but two acts. We’re not sure whether to be thankful that this week, the cut’s going to hurt. Every act but one did decently; one act brought us to tears.

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