The X Factor Power Rankings: Top 10 And “Rock” Night

Posted on 11/17/2011 at 1:00 PM

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The standard complaint about the British X Factor‘s rock night is that it doesn’t rock, favoring the sort of soft, post-Adele singles that end up charting No. 1 on Christmas all over Europe, while the Internet rages against the Simon Cowell machine to get the likes of Nirvana or “Surfin’ Bird” or two Irish rappers who wear shopping bags over their heads. Meanwhile, the standard complaint about American Idol‘s rock night is that everyone’s going to sing “Satisfaction” or “Piece of My Heart.” You might think the U.S. X Factor combining these two would cancel everything out; you’d think wrong.

That said, Rock Night wasn’t a total disaster; the top-tier contestants are too good for that. We’d have killed to hear Tiah Tolliver or Tora Woloshin or, hell, even Dexter Heygood’s song choices, but since that’s not an option, this was fine. The theme, however… well, read our ROCKED-OUT power rankings (they’ve got “power” in the title–what more do you want?), and you’ll see.

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