Lady Gaga’s Marriage To The Night Might Take Place On A Gurney

lady gaga marry the night video peek
Posted on 11/11/2011 at 1:26 PM

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The above photo, which Lady Gaga posted to Twitter, is a still from the “Marry the Night” video. Specifically, it’s “the beginning of the story [Gaga] never told you.” The Lady Gaga origin story, folks! And it originates on a gurney!

Let’s go over the elements of this. Gurney, check. Lady Gaga and/or Jo Calderone, check. Pumps-turned-heels, probably check (from this angle, they could be flats, but realistically, no.) Nurses who could be extras from “Bad Romance,” check. Hospital setting: no check! It looks more like the hallway of a Marriott. Window, check; night-time, no check. Either Lady Gaga is going to be marrying the glare of the daytime sun, or there’s a lot more to this video.

Which there is; in fact, the “Marry the Night” video will be Gaga’s longest yet. Maybe we’ll have a short film a la “Runaway” to dissect?

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