DMX Vaccuums Club For Some Reason

Posted on 11/09/2011 at 1:07 PM

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Well, it’s good to see that DMX’s time in the pen hasn’t cured him of his trademark insanity—it’s just refashioned it in a more constructive manner. Five years ago, if you saw the phrases “DMX,” “club” and “TMZ” in the same sentence, you’d probably guess that other phrases involved in the larger story might include “guns,” “drugs” and/or “impersonating a security guard,” but these days, it’s just “vacuum”—as in, DMX vacuumed the carpets at Club Universal in Spartanburg, South Carolina last night in a shocking display of cleanliness, caught on camera by TMZ. This is apparently just the latest display of OCD-like neatness in a public place from the X Man, who was also noted mopping up a Waffle House over the weekend.

“Broom, vacuum, mop, whatever … it’s a rewarding experience,” the rapper told TMZ. “What can I say? I like clean sh*t and the supplies were available.” Of course you do, X. Don’t ever change. (Or if you do, make sure you change in another bizarre and hilarious manner.)

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