Pink, Common And Janelle Monae Are On The “Happy Feet 2″ Soundtrack

Posted on 11/04/2011 at 4:21 PM

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Granted, the Happy Feet 2 soundtrack is a step down from, say, Twilight or even Transformers (hey, it had a Paramore track….), but it’s nevertheless got P!nk, Common and Janelle Monae in some roles. P!nk gets an inspirational bit called “Bridge of Light,” which you can hear below; she also takes the opening medley with Common and a medley of “Under Pressure” by Queen and David Bowie and “Rhythm Nation” by Janet Jackson. Janelle Monae gets a remix of her awesome song “Tightrope.” As for the rest, there’s a cover of the Numa Numa song with Hank Azaria, which should be representative enough for us to end this paragraph.

All the songs not by John Powell below (if you’re dying to know about those, the full tracklisting is here):

P!nk, Common, Lil P-Nut and Happy Feet Two Chorus – “Happy Feet Two Opening Medley”
Robin Williams, Hank Azaria and Happy Feet Two Chorus- “The Mighty Sven”
P!nk and Happy Feet Two Chorus – “Bridge of Light”
Happy Feet Two Chorus – “Papa Oom Mow Mow”
Hank Azaria and Happy Feet Two Chorus – “Dragostea Din Tei”
Omar Crook and EG Daily – “Erik’s Opera”
Elephant Seal Chorus – “Rawhide”
P!nk and Happy Feet Two Chorus – “Under Pressure / Rhythm Nation”
Janelle Monae featuring Lil P-Nut and Happy Feet Two Chorus – “Tightrope (Ice Cold Mix)”

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