Watch the Trailer for Drake’s “Take Care”


Posted by on 10/20/2011 at 4:45 PM Videos

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IN A WORLD WHERE MOST RAPPERS PUT BRAVADO ABOVE ALL ELSE…ONE MAN DARES TO SELF-IDENTIFY AS “EMO.” That man, of course, is Aubrey “Drake” Graham, and this new trailer is advertising the release of his much-anticipated sophomore album Take Care, finally due November 15th. Really, though, it’s not an advertisement for the new album as much as the man himself, as graphics list his myriad accomplishments (most legitimately impressive, though is anyone really putting “19 million Facebook likes” and “3 MTV Award Nominations” on their resumé these days?) while his old hits play over one another—the verse to “What’s My Name?” over the beat to “Find Your Love,” “Forever” over “Fancy,” etc.

The trailer doesn’t even get to anything Take Care-related until its final half-minute, when it finally sneaks in some clips of “Headlines” and “Make Me Proud” before flashing “TAKE CARE THE ALBUM 15TH NOVEMBER.” Not exactly letting the new album stand on its own merits here, but we suppose the “If you liked Drake before, you’ll love Take Care!” final message isn’t without its merits. The boy does have an awful lot of hits in three years’ time, doesn’t he?


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