The X Factor Power Rankings: Boot Camp Night 2, Top 32

Posted on 10/07/2011 at 12:33 PM

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We have a top 32! Granted, we got to that point after a few more excruciating group auditions, bizarre omissions (Audrey Turner, you deserve a long, fruitful career managed by people who appreciate your talent) and the even more bizarre choice of cobbling together assorted rejected contestants into groups so arbitrary the producers didn’t even tell us which named contestants went where, or what they’d call themselves, what’d they sing or how they’d justify their sudden collective existence. Couldn’t some actual groups get those spots?

But enough about the terrible first half-hour. Once the contestants got to sing on their own, also known as what they auditioned for this show to do, things became solid again, even if we must question maybe a third of the judges’ specially chosen songs. (You mean the judging panel wants to hear “If I Ain’t Got You” again?) Most of these solo singers will be singing solo again. Some will not. Read on as we rank the top 32 (named, that is; if the judges aren’t going to bother identifying the instagroups, neither are we), some of the more interesting or outrageous omissions (like Audrey Turner), the judges, and the likes of…

For judges and their pets, groups and their doppelgangers, and a boat, click NEXT.

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