Beyonce’s “Countdown”: 10 Pop Culture Connections

Posted on 10/07/2011 at 6:39 PM

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By now you’ve probably watched Beyoncé’s “Countdown” video several hundred times, and between memorizing the choreography and wondering how hard Bey and Jay tried to plan a pregnancy so that both their lyrical prophecies could come true, you may have experienced waves of nostalgia to pop culture moments past. Before Thursday’s premiere, much of the talk had been about B’s turn as Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face, and while it’s there, there are so many other things we started thinking—and YouTubing, and singing—about as well. So many that we made a list! Enjoy.


Beyoncé greets us with an homage to the 1957 film that featured Hepburn in a simple yet elegant black turtleneck, trousers and ponytail, making the everyday wear both chic and iconic. Here she does her best attempt at replicating Hepburn’s moves and overall look, which was later used to hawk pants for GAP.


Singing her way through a relationship while moving her body through the hours on a clock, Beyoncé shows off some noticeable footwear. Hepburn may have popularized black-on-black, but Jackson’s loafers and thick white socks became most memorable when paired with his Moonwalk, making it impossible for us to think of anyone but the King of Pop.


Unlike our first encounter with the Bradys, who managed to merged two families with relative ease, these “Countdown” square are all Beyoncé. And yet we’re still not bored.


B holds court in her own version of LaGuardia High School, surveying the competitive scene around her, while giving priceless tips that any aspiring performer would kill for.


Like the kids on Glee, who can’t afford flights to Nationals but have the privilege of a full band to back them up at most rehearsals, Beyoncé’s school of dance brings in outside musicians, including a percussion team firing away with the same ferocity possessed by the collegiate squads from Nick Cannon’s 2002 film.

For downtime in one of Jay’s old shirts and nods to a few more dance films, click NEXT.

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