Miranda Lambert’s Cover Art And Track Titles Are Out Now

Posted on 09/08/2011 at 3:38 PM

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There’s a burning car on the cover art for Miranda Lambert’s Nov. 1 album Four the Record, tipping you off somewhat that this is a Miranda album and not one by, say, Lady Antebellum. The time is sometime between night and whatever time of day looks most sepia. We need to find the dress she’s wearing for our own wardrobes.

Lambert also released the album’s tracklisting. We imagine there might be more barbs in “Look at Miss Ohio” and “Fastest Girl in Town” than “Better in the Long Run.” We imagine that “Dear Diamond” might include “shine on” somewhere in its lyrics. We imagine at least one of these will have an extended metaphor like the one in “Baggage Claim,” and “Fine Tune” probably fulfills the punny promise of the title. Those are our expectations, which are already inflated pretty well thanks to the Pistol Annies’ work. Don’t let us down, Miranda!

1. All Kinds of Kind
2. Fine Tune
3. Fastest Girl in Town
4. Safe
5. Mama’s Broken Heart
6. Dear Diamond
7. Same Old You
8. Baggage Claim
9. Easy Living
10. Over You
11. Look at Miss Ohio
12. Better in the Long Run
13. Nobody’s Fool
14. Oklahoma Sky

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