The Bests and Worsts From the 2011 Video Music Awards

Posted on 08/29/2011 at 12:34 PM

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Now that the awards have all been handed out and the VMAs have wrapped, we can figure out who the true winners and losers of the evening were. Yeah, we know who won Best Pop Video and Best Special Effects and whatnot, but who made the biggest news splash of the evening? Which hosts fell the flattest on their face? Who tried the hardest to keep the rock flame alive against tremendous evidence that the genre was fading from relevance? Only at Popdust can you find the true scorecard of MTV’s biggest night, so take a flip through our slideshow-style list of some of the bests and worsts from the 20111 Video Music Awards:


Nicki and Katy each could’ve taken far more superlatives, the former for “Super Bass” getting more long-overdue recognition and the latter for winning that tiny award at the end of the show. We think cubes are much more interesting; maybe we’re just nostalgic for building blocks. We don’t even care that Katy Perry’s ensemble was a straightforward rip from Christian Dior–it worked then, it worked now.

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