Instant VMAs Recap: Chris Brown, “Yeah 3X/Beautiful People”

chris brown flying vmas
Posted on 08/28/2011 at 10:40 PM

The Popdust Files: chris brown, live at the vmas

When the unseen announcer instructed us to hang out for Chris Brown’s “dance-off of his life” we thought we would be getting a Lady Gaga-Jo Calderone situation, with a self-makeout, natch. Sadly, it was more like Breezy’s chance to once again showcase his dance moves, just in case we forgot he is A Performer. Brown flaunted his footwork by running, literally, through “Yeah 3X” with help from male dancers—in dresses?—before moving through a brief history of MTV’s past, including Wu Tang Clan and Nirvana. Somehow we think Kurt Cobain wouldn’t enjoy all the ways he’s been “honored”of late. For special effects enthusiasts, the lasers came out, Breezy was lifted into thin air and all attempts at real vocals were lost. “Beautiful People” marks MTV’s future, but it all turned into a ill-timed audition for Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark. Because just like Peter Parker, Breezy knows what it’s like to bear the burden of great power and it’s great, great responsibility. Just check out his Twitter account.

chris brown flying vmas

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