Instant VMAs Recap: Beyonce Performs An Album Cut

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Posted on 08/28/2011 at 10:30 PM

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Awkward: The Jo!Gaga/Britney Spears tribute gave as much tribute to Beyonce Knowles as to Britney. Tacit acknowledgment that Destiny’s Child’s career spanned pretty much the same amount of time, with about the same amount of consistency? A general continuation of Jo Calderone’s probably MTV-approved mission to stir up as much minor trouble on stage as possible? An understated Kanye moment? Anyway. A segue it was intended to be, and a segue it was, into Bey’s fantastic non-single….

Love On Top“! Not “Countdown,” which is sure to disappoint certain scattered corners of the Internet (and is sure to be a single at one point, really now). “Love on Top” is just as good and gave Beyonce plenty of opportunities and key changes during which to display her vocal prowess–she only had to transpose things down once or twice! More will be made of her pregnancy, of course, or of her purple sequined jacket (there’s a Vegas career lifeboat in the next few decades, should she need it); for those of us who’ve heard all of 4, though, or at least visited the Roseland Ballroom, this was manna. Now let’s start asking for “I Care”? Please?

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