Tyler, The Creator To Fellow VMA Nominees: You Suck

Posted on 07/22/2011 at 12:39 PM

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Oh, so Tyler, the Creator is one of those people, as MTV has shown us:

“If I lose to any of those wackass videos, I’m gonna be mad because they all suck — except for Adele’s.”

Granted, said videos are indeed pretty wackass–we still can’t remember anything about the “Grenade” video, or that there even was one. And Adele’s not the only person who escaped Tyler’s disdain–he’s a fan of Odd Future collaborator Kreayshawn and of Wiz Khalifa. But this still sounds like one of those kids complaining about “fake mainstream pop”–you know, those kids Tyler just complained about a few hours ago. (Following Tyler, the Creator means you get statements roughly five times an hour with five swears per.) What’s next–criticizing Rihanna’s “S&M” for not being Adele-like?

The standard caveat applies, of course–it’s best not to take anything Tyler, the Creator says too seriously. Previous Tyler statements include that he is a fucking nice lamp and a really pretty table, as well as many other things less printable, so he’s a bit of an unreliable narrator. His immediate response to being nominated veered from “if Bruno Mars wins I’m going on a killing spree” to “if I lose, it’s cool, I’m just (fucking) happy to be nominated) in seconds. In short, he is trolling for headlines. And getting them. Sure, why not? You win, Tyler. Maybe you’ll also win the VMAs.

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