Beavis and Butt-head Watch Jersey Shore in New Season Preview

beavis and butt-head

Posted by on 07/22/2011 at 11:04 AM Videos

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Hey, Beavis and Butt-head are coming back. The cartoon that defined a generation in the ’90s—at least in the eyes of disapproving, doomsday-predicting parents—returns to MTV this summer, with all-new episodes that nonetheless maintain the style and characters of the original mid-’90s incarnation. In a recently leaked preview, B&B appear up to their old shenanigans, hospitalizing each other for no reason and getting mistaken for religious messiahs. (Yes, The Great Cornholio makes an appearance. Yes, it’s still inexplicably hilarious.)

But perhaps most interestingly, B&B tune in for an episode of Jersey Shore, offering their always sage commentary about some of Snooki and company’s salacious quotes from a Season Two episode. A couple quick highlights:

  • “She usually doesn’t have sex with her big brother…but you know sometimes, you’re DTF, you know, no one else is around, it’s dark…Mom and Dad are at the movies…” (About Snooki referring to Vinny as her big brother, despite the two of them having hooked up.)
  • “This is like a family tree…If your family was made of whores.” (About the “Hook-Up Board.”)
  • “That’s how she answers the phone.” (About Snooki’s “I’m a whore, hello?!” quote)

Good to see that the duo’s wit hasn’t eroded since we last heard from them back in 1997. We do hope that the two still take the time to watch music videos every now and then, though, even if it wouldn’t be realistic for the two of them to be watching videos on MTV in the middle of the day, ever. Maybe they can spring for a deluxe cable package with MTV Hits or VH1 Classic or something.