Lady Gaga Wrote A Song For Cher


Posted by on 07/14/2011 at 11:06 AM News

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Showing respect for the talents of younger artists, Cher has recently taken to the studio to record a song written by Lady Gaga. And in another attempt to captivate today’s pop audience with flashes of modernity and tech savvy, she announced said news on Twitter Wednesday night. (This is your Popdust PSA to start following her now, if you aren’t already. Her tweets are slightly unintelligible, yet the lady loves exclamation points.) “Just walked in from studio ! I Finished 1st track on new cd &……..”GAGA ” ” YOU ARE THE GREATEST THING TO ME,” she wrote. Could she be any more excited about it? We don’t think so, but here’s further evidence, in case you didn’t get that feeling from one tweet…

“It’s not a duet ! Who knows ? I Did Hold her “Meat Purse” haha! One can wish! It’s one of her songs & she & Redone gave it to me 4 my cd !”

“Wait ! I would love duet with GaGa, but She Gave Me GREAT Song & I’m beyond Grateful!!!! It’s called ” The Greatest Thing “”

So will “The Greatest Thing” be great? One can only hope. The track was originally intended for Gaga herself, with an earlier version showing up online last year, and production from Gaga-favorite RedOne means it could be another “Bad Romance” (or at least an “Alejandro”). But Cher’s outpouring of appreciation for Mother Monster isn’t as strange as Blondie’s love for LMFAO—both she and Gaga are constant proponents of outrageous fashion statements and revered as gay icons. Of course, the most exciting news is that the diva is back in the studio at all, and this time, with material that’s not attached to a campy holiday blockbuster.

Update: And it looks like the feeling is mutual. From Lady Gaga’s Twitter: “@cher maybe a remix duet for the gays? You truly are ‘the greatest thing to me.’”