Lupe Fiasco Is Over The Whole Twitter Thing

Posted on 07/13/2011 at 3:32 PM

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First Waka Flocka Flame put a damper on our weekend with news of an eventual exit from rap via Twitter, and now Lupe Fiasco has chosen to leave the social media tool all together. (Apparently it’s one or the other these days. Multi-tasking is hard.) “I’m quitting Twitter. It was fun while it lasted…” he ominously wrote midday Wednesday. Social media has become such a depressing place! Thank goodness we have Adam Lambert. Whether you thought Fiasco was the target or instigator of frequent, silly media feuds based on his assertions that there is a terrorist in our midst, his Twitter feed was more interesting than most, thanks to his regular political commentary (again, taken with a grain of salt—personal opinions to the left). Rather than spew hateful messages back at those who differed in opinion, Fiasco was more inclined to respond in a respectful manner (“Shout to @mastaace the solution is never one-sided. A critique of my statement is in itself a critique of the issue at hand. And informed and progressive critiques of ourselves, each other and our society is what is needed in these times,” he wrote on June 23). But on the flip side, this outlet for personal expression has helped earn him the label of moody, crazy and subversive (which are pretty much our ingredients for good music). Since no one wants to think that hard, especially during summer, maybe a time out from this TMI-tool is a good thing? If anything, he has shows to perform and an album to continue to promote. Keep putting out quality tracks and we’ll get over your absence in no time. (But if and when Bieber leaves the tweeting game, it’s safe to say the medium will be officially dead.)

The handle @LupeFiasco still exists (for now) but Fiasco seems to have left the building—all you’ll be getting is promotion for and from Nikki Jean. With so many celebrities on Twitter and the easy access to information, it seems rude for one to opt out of constant connectivity. (How are we supposed to feel like we know him if we can’t read what he had for breakfast?!) But just because he’s checking out of the social media game, doesn’t mean he’ll be gone for good. You know what they say…

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