This Guy is So Much Better at Dancing to Daft Punk Than You

daft punk
Posted on 06/30/2011 at 3:05 PM

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We’ve all done our fair share of robot-ing in front of the mirror to Daft Punk—that’s pretty much what their music is designed for, after all. We usually didn’t bother picking up the camera, though, since our version of the robot inevitably ends up looking like a drunk person trying to keep his balance (and failing). Luckily, that’s what YouTube user MrBarolino and his unnaturally large upper body are here for. Dacning through the two-minute-long break in Daft Punk’s classic dance-pop anthem “One More Time,” Barolino robots with the grace, fluidity and physical presence that we only possess in our weirdest dreams. “No competition,” Barolino insists at the end of the video. Not from us, certainly.

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