Watch Matthew Morrison and JC Chasez Perform “This I Promise You”

matthew morrison
Posted on 06/14/2011 at 12:07 PM

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Matthew Morrison may be opening for NKOTBSB this summer, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a preference when it comes to vintage boy band tracks. (Don’t we all?) While his tourmates might be a bit peeved to learn he didn’t perform “I Want It That Way” or “Please Don’t Go Girl” live, we’re happy he chose to cover ‘N Sync’s “This I Promise You” during a recent London concert, a track we haven’t listened to since long since our days of voting furiously for boy bands on TRL, if only to withstand the relentless taunting from Limp Bizkit fans at school the next day (they never let us live it down once “Rollin” hit number one). Morrison does a satisfactory job with the ballad, but it really becomes nostalgic when surprise guest JC Chasez joins in on the second verse. Yes, we see him weekly on America’s Best Dance Crew, but when was the last time we heard him perform an old ‘N Sync hit live?

Morrison’s hair can easily substitute for early ’00s Justin Timberlake, but wouldn’t you rather see the entire No Strings Attached crew reunite on stage?. (Yes, obviously.) I’m sure Chris Kirkpatrick is available. Plus, Backstreet’s doing it! We repeat: you are killing us, Justin.