Rihanna Literally Shoots a “Man Down” in New Video

Posted on 06/01/2011 at 9:03 AM

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Well, looks like Rihanna is a woman of her murder-ballad word. It would have been easy to resort to some metaphoric representation of her violent chorus to “Man Down” in her new music video, but indeed, Rihanna simply shoots a man down, in Central Station, in front of a big ol’ crowd. Why does she do it? Well, anyone who’s followed current events with Rihanna in the last three years can probably take an educated guess, but director Anthony Mandler tells the story in flashback anyway, as RiRi’s day of Caribbean fun (playing in the ocean, drinking from coconuts) takes a dark turn when her boyfriend gets a little physical with her at a house party. She leaves, he follows, and things get ugly. But of course, Rihanna will play the victim no more, and goes searching for her firearm…

Is this video as “dramatic and shocking and intense and emotional and uplifting and enlightening” as Anthony Mandler previously promised? Well, probably three or four of ‘em, and these days that’s pretty good. Judge for yourself.


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