Watch Beyonce Slay “Run The World (Girls)” Again, This Time On Oprah

Posted on 05/23/2011 at 5:47 PM

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Have you seen “Run The World (Girls)” enough times yet? No. Never. Watch Beyonce perform the single for Oprah, below:

Killer, right? B’s singing more than she did during the Billboard awards last night, and while the endless world-juggling, Beyonce-copying graphics aren’t here, the just-as-endless audience members (and their glowing fingertips) more than make up for it.

Have to say, though, we’re less sold on the matching red gloves and lipstick. The graduation robes are supposed to be the underwhelming choice of outfit, not the clothes people wear under them! Luckily, Beyonce’s corset-tux doesn’t have this problem. And Oprah approves, anyway, judging by the many reaction shots. It’s wonderful to have an engaged audience.

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