Twitter Feud Of The Day: Pink Versus Selena Gomez’s Painted Horses

Selena Gomez
Posted on 05/20/2011 at 5:05 PM

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Somehow, we don’t think all the hand-waving freakoutery about Twitter being a force of social revolution had this caliber of feud in mind. Ugh. Let’s go: yesterday P!nk posted the following Franz Ferdinand assassination of a call-to-action tweet:

[blackbirdpie id="71274791079919616"]

Which “stupid music video” would that be? And whose horses? These:

Yep, that’s Selena Gomez shooting the video for the self-descriptive “Love You Like a Love Song.” P!nk’s beef wasn’t with the artist per se, or even the use of horses, but the makeup; a fervent PETA supporter, she viewed the shoot as animal cruelty. And honestly, we’re Team P!nk–although makeup on animals is technically OK with some caveats, says the American Humane Society, you’re telling us Disney can’t afford CGI?

As of Friday afternoon, Gomez has been Twitter-silent on the matter–quite possibly the only person who’s been silent. See for yourself. After many hours of this, P!nk spoke up again: “oh lord, THAT’S whose video it was? Disney fans unite. here we go.”

Here we go, indeed. We live in a world where Twitter outbreaks crop up over painted pink horses. Boys and girls: the apocalypse.

UPDATE: The painted horse clips are not to be. Fortunate or unfortunate? Team P!nk or Team Selena? None of it matters anymore! You can all relax now!

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