Presenting The Newest Trend in Douchebaggery: Dude Onesies

Posted on 05/17/2011 at 4:19 PM

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As if the tools at your local bar needed a more blatantly obnoxious uniform, California Christiana Republic (led by Tonny Sorensen, responsible for the Von Dutch trucker hat craze) has now gifted us with the “oneZ.” These jumpsuits—100% French terry cloth, with useful openings at the feet allowing one to pair it with any shoe of his choice—look anything but masculine. And yet, we can’t help but think that The Situation and Pauly D. have already ordered their own.

"The lack of a waistband makes it totally easier to hang loose, bro!"

"I am 10 years too late on Blue Steel, and/or there is a pretty kitty in the corner."

In case this makes you more likely to place an order, know that Steven Tyler is a fan—as seen in his new video for “(It) Feels So Good“—except his personal jumpsuit was given the rock star treatment, adorned with leather and stud detailing. (Fair enough.) The CCR brand boasts Rihanna, Ke$ha and Willow Smith as famous admirers, so if you want to start a trend guys, please, by all means. But while these rockstars and er, reality “stars” can perhaps pull off embracing their own douchebaggery, a bright pink monstrosity such as the one shown below is the last thing we need for the Vodka Red Bull-chugging, “Sweet Caroline”-chanting douchebags that already haunt our dreams and local drinking establishments to wear all at once. But what do we know? Let’s just prepare for their eventual ubiquity (by Christmas 2011, natch) and order one. Maybe we wouldn’t be such haters if we knew we could get ours monogrammed…

"This is my best Spencer Pratt." Wait a minute, is that Spencer Pratt?!

"Yeah girl, like what you see?"

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