Watch A Jeopardy Contender Make The Madonna-Gaga Mistake Someone Was Bound To

Posted on 05/17/2011 at 10:33 AM

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When you’re deep in the thick of Lady Gaga leaks and FarmVille bounty, cover art and lyrics and titles spewing with abandon, it’s easy to forget that not everyone actually pays attention to this stuff. Case in point: one Jeopardy contestant, shown here mixing up his artists who make songs remarkably similar to “Express Yourself.”

In the (slightly altered) words of fellow contestant Charles, Mother Monster’s students will be–and, in comments, are–stunned. And yes, “Current Music” should have been a clue–although Madonna’s Hard Candy wasn’t so bad! 2008′s current enough, right? Besides, how can we possibly expect anyone to recognize a Gaga clip without the ra-ra-repeated syllables? Next they’ll ask us to distinguish between “California Gurls” and “TiK ToK.”

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