The 10 Greatest Music-Video Weddings

Guns n Roses

Posted by on 04/26/2011 at 5:45 PM News

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Guest lists, floral bouquets, “Funky Chicken” dance rehearsals—planning a wedding is stressful enough without the eyes of the entire world watching. But watching they will be for Prince William and Kate Middleton when the Royal pair are wed at Westminster Abbey on Friday, April 29. So before going over all the arrangements one final time, and well in advance of actually walking down the aisle, the two would be well-advised to heed the lessons imparted by such wise pop stars as Madonna, Katy Perry and Guns N’ Roses in our list of the ten greatest weddings in music video history—lest they end up with a runaway bride or an exploding chapel on their hands. What a national embarrassment that would be!

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