Watch Britney Spears’ “Till The World Ends” In Its Full Apocalyptic Glory

Britney Spears

Posted by on 04/06/2011 at 9:29 AM Videos

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Hot off the thirty-second preview leak of “Till the World Ends,” tipped by Britney Spears early yesterday on her Twitter account, we now have the whole video available for your viewing pleasure. Britney released the clip online at three in the morning (always the night owl, that Brit) on the VEVO network, in advance of the vid’s television premiere on MTV’s The Seven at 5:00 today. (Which apparently means that MTV is once again airing videos during daylight hours—who knew?) Anyway, in case you slept through your 3:00 alarm, here’s Britney’s doomsday vision in its entirety.

As seen in the video’s preview, the full-length clip features Britney and a number of her dancer friends doing it up in a grungy underground club, as the apocalypse apparently begins outside, with the skies going dark and buildings getting pelted with falling meteors. (A title card reveals that the date of the video is December 21st, 2012, which is when shit is really supposed to go down.) As the end of days persists outdoors, Britney and company are too busy grinding and gyrating to really notice, until a super-bright light shines in from the windows, possibly signaling some sort of climatic supernova explosion to bring this hedonistic club scene to its final judgment. Instead, the club’s sprinkler system goes off, and Britney pokes her head above ground to find everything to be back to normal—and quite a lovely day, actually. Weeeeeeeeaaaaaak.

It’s unclear whether this version is the version that’s supposed to be heavy on the plot or the choreography, but considering it’s not all that heavy on either, perhaps it’s not worth getting terribly concerned about. We hope the videos for “Sealed With a Kiss” and “How I Roll”—and there will be videos for “Sealed With a Kiss” and “How I Roll,” dammit—at least have a little more of a payoff.