Meet Lady Gaga’s Boyfriend: “Hard-Drinking Party Maker” Luc Carl

luc carl
Posted on 02/24/2011 at 3:48 PM

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Lady Gaga hit American Idiot last night, and brought a date with her. Who is this this mystery man who has the lucky pleasure of draping his arm around Gaga’s pointiest of outfits?

luc carl

It’s Gaga’s longtime pal, Luc Carl, who just may be pop music’s new First Monster. During the time they first dated, around 2007, he was a Lower East Side bartender and manager at rock dive St. Jerome’s. Their romance was brief but passionate and they split just as her career was getting going—she actually broke up with him on the day she made the video for “Let’s Dance.” According to New York magazine, Gaga’s buddies say that she has not been in love since, and the ritualistic killing of male lovers in her videos is linked to this breakup. But now it appears they’ve gotten back together! Gaga was even pictured buying flowers for Carl late late year.

lady gaga, luc carl

What else do we know about Carl? Well he’s originally from Nebraska and has the kind of résumé you expect from an attractive New York City bartender: promoter, personal trainer, DJ, night club manager, etc. More importantly, however, he is now an author, and Gaga is promoting his new book, The Drunk Diet. Sadly (or not!) the book is not an actual diet plan, but a “memoir of a badass,” described as being about “a year in which [Carl] went from being an out of shape, bloated asshole, to the sexiest, most delightful man on the planet,” and clarifies that “You will not find any ‘do this, don’t do that’” in The Drunk Diet but that we will hear all about “his journey to lose 40 pounds, without giving up his principles of being a hard-drinking party maker.”

If you want to learn more, Carl has a Twitter and a self-improvement-focused blog. His tips include forgoing masturbation for “Procrasturbation,” doing something good for yourself (like the dishes), cleaning out fast food bags from your car and having sex. Helpful! Gaga has supposedly written songs about him in the past, so he may be her new studly muse. 

As a boyfriend, he seems worrisomely close to your Pete Doeherty and Blake Winehouse. At least he has some ambition, sort of—but the relationship has already had problems. It’ll be fun to watch, anyhow!

UPDATE: Hoo boy. There’s been a breakup, obviously, and it involves comparisons to Judas.. Sad.

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